I’ve been building a tool for live-debugging and editing julia code! It’s inspired by Bret Victor’s 2012 Inventing on Principle talk. That talk also inspired similar tools, like Hydrogen, the jupyter notebook integration for the Atom code editor.

I’ve been working on it since September 2018. I’m currently calling it LiveIDE, but the name is a work-in-progress.

Here’s a video I took last month, after the first 4 hours of work on this. (It was so fast to build! Julia is the best!):

I’ve been using it to test itself nowadays, which has actually been really helpful! In this screenshot, I’m using Live.@testfile to automatically create live debug inputs for my function based on the existing unit tests!:


This next example shows more Live.@testfile auto testing by using itself as the unit test file:

And of course, it can also act more like a Jupyter notebook with the Live.@script tag, causing the whole file to be interpreted:


I’m excited about the future of this project! Expect more updates in the future!

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